Adding a Back Pack Type Item (Like in Doom):

By Joe


Note that this requires adding a new bonus item. You will need to do that yourself, though the details of the item's code are defined.


First, open the file "WL_DEF.H", then run a search for "gamestate".

You should find several lines like this:


int ammo;

int health;


Add a new line that looks like this:


int backpack;



Save and close WL_DEF.H, and open "WL_MAIN.C". In this file, run a search for "newgame". Scroll down to just before the closing bracket and add in this line:


gamestate.backpack = 0;


Close "WL_PLAY.C" and then open "WL_GAME.C". Once opened, search for "gamestate.lives--;". Scroll down and add below "DrawLives ();" the following:


gamestate.backpack = 0;;


Save and close, then, lastly, open "WL_AGENT.C". Run a search for GiveAmmo. Scroll down to the line that reads:


if (gamestate.ammo >= 99)

gamestate.ammo == 99;


Modify it to read like this:


if (gamestate.backpack = 1)


if (gamestate.ammo >= 200) // change 200 to your liking

gamestate.ammo = 200;




if (gamestate.ammo >=99)

gamestate.ammo = 99;



Still in "WL_AGENT.C", search for the place where you added the bonus item to the code. Mine is called "bo_backpack" in this example. Write the case as follows:


case bo_backpack:

if (gamestate.backpack = 1)






And that's it! Compile and link up. Enjoy your new backpack item.